In the early 1990’s, Gaye and I moved to the West Woods Ranch area excited for all the new amenities having lived in East Arvada for the previous 6 years. One large draw was the planned new elementary school. Over the course of a year, the school district decided West Woods Elementary was unnecessary as the school-aged population in the area was insufficient to support a new school. Undeterred by that opinion, Gaye went door to door to gather a count of household children and their ages in order to create a report to share with Jefferson County School District. Surprisingly, the count was more than enough to support a new school and by the time West Woods Elementary opened, enrollment was nearly at capacity. Today, I find myself in a similar position as I work to promote the West Arvada area for businesses. While we do have one new restaurant opening soon, the total count, to my way of thinking, is decisively too low. But, I need market data to tell a complete story to the business world. What most people do not know is that the household income in our area is very high—in some neighborhoods the average is well above six figures. This is perplexing as it relates to the location of food services. So, in pursuit of a simple dining opportunity, I ask a favor from you. Can you please take a moment to complete a short 7-question survey so that I can begin to tell the story?

With Gratitude!

– Glenn Ribble